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F1 Responds with some help from Mother Nature

I think that she may have also felt cheated had she to endure another processional race

Formula One – open letter to FIA, Teams and Drivers

Sunday’s race sucked! There was no sparkle, no strategy, no excitement

Nice job if you can get it!

I for one think that they are underpaid!

Well Done Jean Todt

Anyway I am sure that he will be bring a fresh prospective and hopefully will keep his kinky sex life (if it exists) out of the headlines.

Well done Jenson

After what can at best described as an eventful season, at worst a shocking year, for Formula One, it was good to see Jenson take the title of World Champion. Heaven knows that he deserves it after many years of driving for teams that could not deliver the result. The race this past weekend was really eventful, in…

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Hamilton victory while I did not watch

I elected to say “no” to Formula One…..

F1 better get your house in order….

The outcome for Renault will be the likely exit of team Renault from F1 and that then ends the careers of some 700 employees……

Max Mosley is Mad!!!

The FIA and FOM have together spent decades building the FIA Formula One World Championship into the most watched motor sport competition in history. In light of the success of the FIA’s Championship, FOTA – made up of participants who come and go as it suits them – has set itself two clear objectives: to…

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ING Departing F1

This is really sad news for the F1 world and particularly for Renault. While Renault have come out to say that this move will not effect their place in F1, it must never-the-less be an added financial burden for them. Clearly the F1 circus must be a little worried as more and more businesses begin…

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Lewis Hamilton loses his head, maybe the title?

Lewis Hamilton after a shocking get away lost his head, lost the Fuji Grand Prix and quite possibly, with that, lost the world championship. The only saving grace is that his major title contender Massa, equally performed poorly (although did receive a hand up from the Stewards who penalised Sebastien Bourdais at the end of…

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