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Charismatic leader and petulant child all wrapped in one – this is Julius Malema

One cannot deny his passion for his cause and save for the fact that he sees nothing wrong with living a life of luxury while “fighting for the poor” the man has appeal from a charisma point of view…….

We need a jobs agenda and nothing else…….

Our largest trading partner, in the form of China, with probably one of the worst human rights records, only has around 4.1% unemployment rate (urban)…..


Jacob and Julius who will win this battle?

Stand up Mr President have the courage to take this man out!

Julius fails to see that Nationalism is not economic freedom!

Simply put we need responsible political figures to step-up to the plate and halt this man from making these types of speeches. He is creating huge expectations that are not going to be able to be delivered on, thus disappointing people once more.

Our Man Julius one more time

Malema then allegedly made several calls at the scene to senior ANC and government officials, instructing them to “discipline” the policemen.

Malema on Caster and the Government

Julius Malema “then jokingly called the government a sub-committee of the ANCYL


Julius Malema and his mouth once more….

“Your morality is not my morality” – Julius Malema

Malema tells Zuma exactly who is in charge……!!!!

The article below says it all “who is wagging the dog now?”Effectively Julius Malema and his cronies played such a big role in the shake-up at Polokwane that they now need pay back. How they are going to take this pay back is yet to be seen, but certainly the ANC as the umbrella body,…

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ANCYL – more killing talk

I wonder what Julius Malema is going to come and say after Isaac Mahlangu (secretary of the ANCYL in Mpumalanga) on Wednesday had the following to say about an ongoing murder investigation, in which he believes it is politically motivated, based on the judge scrapping it (the case) from the role because of lack of evidence….

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Julius Malema the visionary!

Guilty of hooking you with the title…. I don’t flame that often, but have flamed about this guy a bit, so I will continue. Only because I want people to understand that politics in South Africa has no place for someone with a mouth as loose and uncontrolled as Julius Malema’s. Below a selection of…

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