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Malema on Caster and the Government


Julius Malema was speaking at the 65th anniversary of the ANCYL on Saturday. Demonstrating his high regard for his followers, the function was held at the Johannesburg Country Club. The plus though it was very close to his Sandton home (for non South Africans – where the exceeding rich and famous live)

Unfortunately once again he received the endorsement of some of the ANC withthe attendance of some party heavyweights, both Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Matthews Phosa were there.

Worth noting is his comment on Caster Semenya, “When we speak on Caster’s behalf it is not about her, it is about the treatment young women get, especially in rural environment. People look down on them,” he said.

So let’s see you talk on her behalf but really it is not about her??

On the Star newspaper – 

“They are not from here, they don’t care,” he said, referring to the newspapers Irish ownership.

“Don’t talk about press freedom and all that.”

Hey! let’s just drop the whole freedom of speech thing, it is after all a bit out dated now. I mean do we really need people to speak their mind (or lack thereof in the case of some people)

And then the real pearl (although I don’t have the exact words) Julius Malema “then jokingly called the government a sub-committee of the ANCYL”

The only thing that I do agree with is that he said he believed that the Bafana Bafana coach should be a South African. Appointing someone who failed previously is about as good as firing the one who is currently not delivering.

Well once more we see that he has no regard for this country and what it is supposed to stand for. Simply put he is being allowed to spread divisive commentary with little or no interference from the ANC. This man is negative, he says he “represents the youth of the ANC”, from a lifestyle point of view though he lives the life of larry! Shocking Mr Zuma shocking!

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Mike • October 25, 2009

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