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Well Done Jean Todt

new mclaren 2009

Jean Todt has been elected to lead the FIA in place of the rather controversial Max Mosley. 

This is certainly a big step forward for the FIA, replacing Max Mosley was a top priority. We need the FIA to be involved and bring the sport of motor racing, particularly F1, back in line as far as delivering the best spectator value.

 While I know this is a motor sport post, I am hoping that with his years of experience in Formula One that Jean will bring a much needed boost to this leg of the motor sport world.

 Clearly his leading of the Ferrari team for so long, may raise questions should Ferrari ever face the FIA governing body. Of course the Mclaren fan in me hopes that he penalises the heck of Ferrari, just to show that he is unbiased!

Anyway I am sure that he will be bring a fresh prospective and hopefully will keep his kinky sex life (if it exists) out of the headlines.

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Mike • October 24, 2009

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