The Running Commentary

Social… is simply not for everyone

Marketing and branding is not about making your clients message fit into a specific marketing channel. It is about understanding what value the brand can draw from being in the space.

Technology should never dominate your customer contact point

The companies getting it wrong are sending pre-recorded messages to their prospective clients…….


Impact counts, but service retains the client……………

In all these two very recent incidences have left me even more convinced that it is not only the impact that counts, but the service the customer ultimately experiences that will ensure ongoing success……

Advertising is not the root of alcohol abuse……….

One can only assume that he holds the view that it is the advertising that causes folk to abuse the alcohol.

Aaaah Marketing I remember you well……

when marketing was a discipline that was practiced with vigour and when “degrees” were not handed out like sweets.

CPA and Apathetic consumers……. a marketing struggle in South Africa

The South African consumer is not vociferous around basic complaints. We accept poor service all of the time and we do not complain. In fact complaints are so novel that they enjoy celebrity status on many social networking platforms……


Consumer Protection Act…..Anyone see the change yet?

Now some people may have a go at me for this title, but after a couple months of this legislation being in effect one cannot help but think that this may be yet another well intentioned but toothless piece of legislation……


Relevant content is a must……..

you need to invest heavily in segmentation and content….


Direct Marketers failing to deliver results

and treat it as a by-product of their above the line creative efforts


Social Media must be about transparent interaction….

ensuring that your response is perceived as being genuinely from your company will deliver a far higher return than you could imagine

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