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F1 Responds with some help from Mother Nature

I think that she may have also felt cheated had she to endure another processional race

Well Done Jean Todt

Anyway I am sure that he will be bring a fresh prospective and hopefully will keep his kinky sex life (if it exists) out of the headlines.

Well done Jenson

After what can at best described as an eventful season, at worst a shocking year, for Formula One, it was good to see Jenson take the title of World Champion. Heaven knows that he deserves it after many years of driving for teams that could not deliver the result. The race this past weekend was really eventful, in…

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1.4 million euro per race….

The glitz and glamour of formula one has certainly once again been confirmed…. If the reported annual package of 25 million euro that Alonso will be paid by Ferrari is anything to go by…..

Hamilton victory while I did not watch

I elected to say “no” to Formula One…..

F1 better get your house in order….

The outcome for Renault will be the likely exit of team Renault from F1 and that then ends the careers of some 700 employees……

New points system holding to 2010

I was greatly relieved to read that the new points system “Winner takes all” has been put on hold to 2010. My view is that I like the concept, but I think that you need to get every-one’s buy in on the process.  The best way to do this would be for the system to…

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Hamilton must win China

With first practice out of the way, and only moments to go until the second practice finishes, Lewis and Massa need to both show that they are potential world champions. Certainly of the two Lewis was burdened with this mantel from the beginnings of his career. Lewis managed to draw the first blood on the track…

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Spa GP who’s up to the challenge

Spa will Kimi make it four in a row (this was a vote placed on to which I answered definitely not. Knowing the level of support that Ferrari enjoy out there, it is safe to say that many Ferrari fans would have placed their vote.The results so far show that almost 66.34% of those…

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Pole is it really that important?

 How important is pole position when qualifying?”You can’t overtake and nine times out of 10 whoever takes pole position wins.” Luca Cordero di Montezemolo The above quotation from the Ferrari boss was interesting, he was specifically talking about the new circuits which he thinks are hurting Formula one. I thought lets look at the stats….

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