The Running Commentary

Not so juicy service Mango!

A couple of days ago, I was returning on a late flight from JHB to CPT. In my haste to leave the plane and get home (long day and tired) I committed the ultimate rookie error. I left my iPad mini in the seat pocket in front of me. (I have flown many times and…

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The Customer Service trap

In the small to medium size sector you cannot hand over your customer service experience to someone who is not directly linked to the business in some way. You need to employ people who understand the dynamic of working in a team where “all hands are on deck” and that there are truly no sacred cows.

Technology should never dominate your customer contact point

The companies getting it wrong are sending pre-recorded messages to their prospective clients…….

Toys R Us on how not to service your customer!

The upshot is that my kids received a valuable lesson on how not to do it……


Impact counts, but service retains the client……………

In all these two very recent incidences have left me even more convinced that it is not only the impact that counts, but the service the customer ultimately experiences that will ensure ongoing success……

CPA and Apathetic consumers……. a marketing struggle in South Africa

The South African consumer is not vociferous around basic complaints. We accept poor service all of the time and we do not complain. In fact complaints are so novel that they enjoy celebrity status on many social networking platforms……


My customer service hobby horse again

If you are not willing to talk to the business about their poor service, then don’t expect your experience to change…..


Why SAA will not become a great airline… they even care?

as long as you treat your customers like this, you will never rise to be a great airline. You will forever remain a state subsidised drain on the economy…….


Customer Service and the effect on your business – personal case study

Ultimately these organisations have demonstrated a poor customer focus in my view and should really take a long hard look at their focus……..


Social Media is not a one way street

the point of Social Media and that is in fact SOCIAL…..

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