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Social media – Debate platforms NOT!

The problem with holding a debate within the social media landscape is that it removes a fundamental tenant of debate, two or more people dialoguing with each other. It leaves far too much open to interpretation and does not allow for constructive input.

Not so juicy service Mango!

A couple of days ago, I was returning on a late flight from JHB to CPT. In my haste to leave the plane and get home (long day and tired) I committed the ultimate rookie error. I left my iPad mini in the seat pocket in front of me. (I have flown many times and…

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Social Media – Unlocking the value of the focussed communication opportunity

In the maze of social media options, I am consistently asked “which channel is the best one for my brand?” My stock response to this question is “all of them”. This response generally is generally not well received and almost always results in the person saying “well then it’s not for me”


Social Media must be about transparent interaction….

ensuring that your response is perceived as being genuinely from your company will deliver a far higher return than you could imagine


Social Media is not a one way street

the point of Social Media and that is in fact SOCIAL…..

Think before you Tweet, Blog, Write or speak…

If you do not believe the story then you should investigate in silence, ensuring that you have all of the facts before you start to refute somebody’s claims.

Parents note your responsibility!

I am tired of hearing parents blaming the social media platforms for their children’s issues, take control back. This may mean that you become a bit unpopular in the short term.

Social brands continuing

Continuing from my last observations and questions around brands in the social media space. I have been in the Facebook space for sometime now. The brands in this space operate in the same way as placing ads in newspapers. I think that they believe they need to be there. Do they really need to be…

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My face twit linkedIn and the rest

Much time is spent in the corridors of business talking about the “social networking fad” that is Myspace, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and the like. The interesting thing about the discussions that happen in the corridors (brick and mortar that is) is that they are generally opposed to this “fad”. Whenever the debate is taken into the on-line arena then the discussion…

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