The Running Commentary

Advertising is not the root of alcohol abuse……….

One can only assume that he holds the view that it is the advertising that causes folk to abuse the alcohol.

Shabir Shaik 1…..Prosecuting Authority 0

Convenient diagnosis of “terminal illness” and the like, but who do we really need to blame for this latest fiasco…..


Law Enforcement must take back the roads from the taxi drivers!

Simply put I feel that there is a collective lack of will to bring basic law and order to our streets

Crime Stats from SAPS

To end off… I have given the boys and girls in blue (and black and white) some flack for poor service and consideration of others around them, but I would like to say today that you need to keep up the work you are doing.

A Criminal is a criminal and that’s it….

This post stems from a frustration that I am having, about the way people justify their actions. I have over the past few days been privy to a number of conversations about things people do and how they justify their actions. The first, allegedly (I use this because we are told this is politically correct),…

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Zuma on Crime

I really could not resist posting this extract from a speech by Jacob Zuma on crime in South Africa and how he feels crime is treated very democratically in this country. As a recipient of this democracy in terms of the justice system, it is particularly interesting to hear his stance. ‘Too soft, too nice’…

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Sarah on South Africa and Mandela is this fair??

  The post that follows is fairly lengthy mainly as a result of me including the articles written by “Sarah, Maid of Albion”. These articles were sent to me by someone a few weeks back and I have been contemplating all this time whether to even comment about them. I have read and re-read them…

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“Are we morally corrupt”

There was a really interesting debate eon the Radio over the last few days. In short a survey conducted by TNS Research Surveys indicated a number of alarming issues. Below is an extract from the survey: One in five metro adults claim they are quite happy to buy pirated DVDs and CDs. A quarter of…

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How we can all help fight crime

The letter below was written from Smiley to his wife Jane who was killed in their driveway. The letter speaks volumes and is an encouragement to us all to help, in the fight against crime by joining our local Neighbourhood watch groups. I am a member of the Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch (ps we carry torches…

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Violent Times…

I am not sure how to begin this post, and I am sure that there will be a very mixed response from people out there, but here goes. I was listening to the Radio on my home and heard an interview with a guy who had been been endured an attempted hijacking / robbery.  The…

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