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“Are we morally corrupt”

bulbThere was a really interesting debate eon the Radio over the last few days. In short a survey conducted by TNS Research Surveys indicated a number of alarming issues. Below is an extract from the survey:

  • One in five metro adults claim they are quite happy to buy pirated DVDs and CDs. A quarter of adults say they know people who have bought stolen goods. Four out of ten people would keep the money if a cashier or teller gave them R50 too much change. This cuts across all demographics and religious groupings. And 84% do not feel that crime levels are dropping.

    An astounding one-third of metro drivers have driven a vehicle in the last six months having knowingly had more alcohol than they should.

    Almost 90% feel that corruption has become a way of life in South Africa; 85% feel that there is corruption in senior levels of Government – 90% of people feel that this need to be eliminated.

    Only 29% feel that refugees from Zimbabwe should be allowed to stay and only 65% feel that people from other countries but here legally should be allowed to stay. That means that 71% of people feel refugees should be returned to Zimbabwe and a third of people want even those here legally to leave.

    And one in five feel that it is quite acceptable to refuse people admission to places, meetings or events because of their race.

The results outlined above come from series of studies of 2 000 adults in the seven major metropolitan areas conducted over the past year or so. In each study, people were asked to agree or disagree with various statements covering these (and other) issues. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in people’s homes, with a margin of error of under 2.5%. The surveys each consisted of 1 260 blacks, 385 whites, 240 coloured and 115 Indians/Asians.

The debate that raged over the air was interesting to me. Most people seem ready to categorise crime and say that buying pirated goods is okay because “I would not buy the original anyway so therefore have not cost anybody anything” Equally that paying an officer instead of paying the fine “helps both of us out”.

I think that the question “Are we morally corrupt” is very apt. The debate I conclude once again comes down to our entitlement culture.  Other people are doing it so why shouldn’t we. We should be saying lets put a stop to it.

I am of the view, it would be interesting to see if any research has been done on this, that if we all decided to buy the original versions of CD’s and DVD’s that this demand would in fact bring the price down. The royalties etc would be spread over a wider base so the costs should in fact come down.

I think that the production houses or owners of the royalties should look to some innovative ways to offer incentives to customers when they buy:

  • Buy 9 original movies and get your tenth free. Join the Sony club and with every purchase of an original Sony movie you get entrance to a country competition, maybe attend the Oscar’s etc etc.

But enough ideas (these are not free if you use them then contact me)……

This post really is about getting people to move from their entitlement culture, you are not entitled to make copies or buy illegal products. You are supporting crime, in fact you are a criminal, right up there with the guys in jail around the country.

Let us all work together to bring the level of crime in our countries down, we can all help make this a reality.

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Mike • June 25, 2008

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