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Nokia N8 a streetview perspective (part 3)

The choice of device will be determined by your mobile usage pattern……


Nokia N8 a street view perspective (part two)

I am still convinced that #Nokia have delivered a quality device in the #N8

Nokia losing hold on smartphone market?

I would put myself firmly in the ramp up stage of the consumer curves so Nokia you need to take heed of your research, I think that you may be losing market share faster than you have alluded to in your reporting.

iPhone 3gs the mark of productivity…

The interface on the phone is phenomenal and the applications that are continually being developed increase the value each day….

iPhone 3Gs superb

Well I managed to purchase this gem a little over a week ago.  Once again thanks to the folks at CACELL in Jhb who are always brilliant in terms of their service. I must say that I had read about a number of issues and also heard from one of my colleagues that there were issues around…

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iPhone 3Gs 16gb

Order has been placed……………Wednesday could be the day!!

Video Converter

I am not one to often boast about good software but I cannot say how impressed I am with this video converter from  OJOsoft. This little bit of software for R 156.00 enables me to convert files regardless of the original format into a number of different applications. I have had a great amount of fun with it already,…

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Apple, Jobs and the need for succession

Let me start this post by saying, along with the millions of folk in the Apple community, that I wish Steve Jobs the best possible outcome in terms of his illness. Heaven knows the fear that he must be going through and only he knows the work that lies before him. I know though, that he is going to take this…

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Apple MobileMe turn it off Steve (remotely that is)

Below an article from the Coolest Gadgets web about Apple’s MobileMe application. In light of my previous post about how Big Steve is watching you, maybe he should simply “turn of this malicious application until the problem has been repaired” Members of Apple’s problematic Mobile Me community have a new headache as the service, which…

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