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iPhone 3Gs superb

apple iphone

Well I managed to purchase this gem a little over a week ago.  Once again thanks to the folks at CACELL in Jhb who are always brilliant in terms of their service.

I must say that I had read about a number of issues and also heard from one of my colleagues that there were issues around texting while overseas. So, as I was shortly going overseas after taking delivery, I decided to take my trusty Nokia e71 just in case.

The good news is that I have not had to use the e71.

Everything seems to be working out well: Exchange Server, texting and the rest.  The interface is absolutely brilliant and the intelligence in term of reading the screen, the conversation stream for texting and simplicity of use are all phenomenal.

In short I am extremely satisfied by my purchase. In fact, after this purchase, I am fast moving to the Apple stable. If the rest of their products operate like this then I am certain that I am missing out on an even better experience in terms of their notebooks.

ps. The App store is very dangerous lots of amazing applications and one needs quite a bit of time to review them.

Not that they need my endorsement but well done Apple this is a great device.

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Mike • August 14, 2009

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