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Climate change agenda vs. Economics

Firstly though I would like to salute all of the activists and delegates from countries who fought so hard to keep the Climate agenda in the forefront of world news. While I thought that some of the “scuffles” were unnecessary, one must understand the passions in play.

350 PPM a message worth sharing!

Many scientists now believe the Arctic will be completely ice free in the summertime between 2011 and 2015, some 80 years ahead of what scientists had predicted just a few years ago.

Environmental Upshot of the Global Crunch

I know that I have commented about this topic in the past, but I think that it is worth raising again.  Many of you will know that airlines have been cutting their flight schedules as a result of the downturn in the world economy. Recent reports suggest that that airlines, as a result of these…

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Remember your Pick ‘n Pay Green Bag???

Do you remember the R5,00 you paid for you green Pick ‘n Pay green bag, then you got the matching cooler bag!. You may have even bought 5 or 6 Green bags because you do bulk shopping.  Do you remember the guilt that you experienced the first time you forgot to take the bags with…

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At least mother nature must be breathing a little easier

In all of this calamity of the financial crises there is one segment that should be a little happier. The environmentalists…….Looking at the demand for oil and other resources tumbling means that the refineries and other industries should be slowing. This slow down, which appears to be going to last in the order of 12…

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Battery powered solutions coming to the for….

I picked up the article below about plans to build a huge network of battery recharging centres in Australia. While battery powered cars are nothing new, the point that this makes is that countries are needing to look seriously at alternative energy sources. This solution would appear to make sense, in that it is convenient…

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Circles = greener traffic flow

I came across on article run in the recent TIME Magazine, which extols the value of the little traffic circle. In the article were a number of pluses to the traffic circle, of particular interest to me where the environmental impacts. No idling time therefore less travelling time and less congestion. This combination gives rise…

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More evidence of global warming!

Below an article just highlighting the effects of global warming. This measurement is one of the strongest measures of this effect. If ever you needed more reason to become more ecologically focused! Arctic sea ice, which melts partly during each polar summer, has shrunk more this year than in any on record except for 2007,…

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Is this really an environmental issue?

My wife has a mobile contract with Nashua Mobile, one of the leaders in terms of independent mobile operators. Her recent bill arrived in an envelope that invited her to receive her bill electronically and on her acceptance of this offer, they would donate R 10.00 to “Trees and Food for Africa”. I thought that…

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Australia goes Green

I love this article about Australia (Reuters) and I think that this is a worthy of mention under the Corporately Green section. While some might say that it does not go far enough, my view is that at least it is a government taking some proactive steps to help reduce the effect on the environment New…

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