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At least mother nature must be breathing a little easier


In all of this calamity of the financial crises there is one segment that should be a little happier. The environmentalists…….Looking at the demand for oil and other resources tumbling means that the refineries and other industries should be slowing.

This slow down, which appears to be going to last in the order of 12 to 18 months (or more given the OPEC cartels false oil pricing!) should have some positive spin in terms of global warming. I wonder is any scientists are working on seeing what the impact will be.

Reading the news wires , we note that many traditional offenders have closed many of their plants. This must have some sort of positive effect on the global pollution base.

Also the fake oil price will drive a greater search for more viable energy sources so this too must show some promise. 

So let’s see some research on what effect this economic slow down will have on the global warming issue…

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Mike • December 22, 2008

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