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Mugabe “Zimbabwe is my country!”

dung“It doesn’t matter what happens, Zimbabwe is my country,” the veteran leader told delegates at the end of his Zanu-PF party’s 10th annual conference.

The above statement says it all, this idiot truly believes that Zimbabwe is his, i.e. it no longer belongs to the people of Zimbabwe. Even more ludicrous is that he believes he actually still has a country to run.

This man and his cronies belong in prison and should be sent to trial for crimes against humanity. He has taken this proud nation to the brink, and beyond, the point of collapse.

Africa my question to you as a continent “Why is it that we are not taking a firmer stance against this?” We need to see a completely united stance against this man, who at this point could be likened to Hitler. His people are dying because of his reign of terror.

He no longer can boast about a proud country, his people are desperate. The Cholera epidemic is going to worsen despite his assurances that it has been halted.

Finally, African leaders, it must be noted that our treatment of this situation, is being documented in the annals of history. Our apathy to the people of Zimbabwe’s fate is going go down as a blight on our global report card. We might all view this as and African problem which requires and African solution, but we are not getting one on the table.

Thabo Mbeki also appears devoid of his senses, this was the time for him to shine as the negotiator he is supposed to be, but he has failed!

The time for action has indeed passed, but maybe we can still save this great nation if we act now!

Today the dung ball goes to Robert Mugabe (you new this was coming), Thabo Mbeki and the African leaders who are not standing up to join in the calls for this idiots departure from office.

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Mike • December 22, 2008

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