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We need a jobs agenda and nothing else…….

Our largest trading partner, in the form of China, with probably one of the worst human rights records, only has around 4.1% unemployment rate (urban)…..

We need a competitive labour system to be successful

Come now Mr Zuma, it is time for you to make policy that is employment friendly. Create a competitive work force, one that flourishes with the pride that comes with having a job.

Cheune must go!!!!

We cannot expect to trade off the “miracle of 1994”, we must take our place at the table and contribute.


Julius Malema and his mouth once more….

“Your morality is not my morality” – Julius Malema

Zuma on Crime

I really could not resist posting this extract from a speech by Jacob Zuma on crime in South Africa and how he feels crime is treated very democratically in this country. As a recipient of this democracy in terms of the justice system, it is particularly interesting to hear his stance. ‘Too soft, too nice’…

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Splinter in the ANC, becoming a plank??

As I sit in the airport lounge, waiting to fly back to Cape Town, there is breaking news that Mosiuoa Lekota, has announced a press conference, at the Prime Media buildings to make an announcement that will dramatically affect the political landscape of the country. By the time I land this is like to be…

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A splinter in the ANC’s eye!

Gwede Mantashe is quoted as calling the rumour split a splinter. I am not sure if this is to try to down play the fact that some of the top leadership of the ANC appear to be moving to form a new political party. Clearly the talk of the imminent formation of a new party…

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Another reason why the cabinet resigned

I had not realised this until now, but the ministers who resigned, will not be entitled to vote in the national assembly this morning. This is significant, as whilst saying, “we are willing to serve”, they in no way want to anybody to be able to point fingers at them saying you voted the new administration…

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Who’s really in control here??

The resignation by cabinet ministers speaks directly to two issues: 1) These ministers, while hiding behind the statement that “we served at the pleasure of the president and therefore the correct thing to do is to step down and allow the new administration to elect new ministers” have shown their true loyalty.  They are saying…

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Thabo files papers in ConCourt

  Thabo Mbeki has filed papers for leave to appeal the Pietermaritzburg decision in both his executive as well as his personal capacity. This is significant for a number of reasons: 1) Mbeki is convinced that Jacob Zuma has something to answer for 2) Mbeki is demonstrating that you cannot simply move someone from power…

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