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We need a jobs agenda and nothing else…….

The debate around Nationalism centres on winning the votes of the poor with promises of instant wealth.  This is the fundamental message, regardless of what anyone else says, and it is one that Julius Malema is able to preach well.

Protagonists, of Nationalism, argue that it is the only effective way to ensure that “we secure” the wealth for all, as opposed to letting it stay in the hands of “imperialists / capitalists”.  The promise being made is that the “profits” will be redirected into the hands of the government and ergo into the hands of the people.

Fundamental flaws with this argument abound, not to mention the fact that this policy will drive the biggest disinvestment of global businesses, since the sanctions era.  This point seems to be glossed over by the various protagonists, as if the natural resources in “our ground” will more than make up for this.  The surest way to collapse the economy is to have a government, who already has a poor record in the area of mismanagement, in charge of our precious resources.

There are several, vastly more qualified, individuals out there that are far better positioned to discuss the economic realities of nationalised industries and whether there are truly any models that in fact work than. My point goes to the fundamental issue. The issue of the poor.

The irony is missed on the masses, but here it is.  The very same government who are “investigating models of how to implement, as opposed to whether implement nationalism” are the same government who have failed to deliver in the area of job creation.  This is the only area that can deliver sustained growth and development for the country.  Our present labour laws do nothing to support the employer and indeed the economy as far as growth is concerned.

Our largest trading partner, in the form of China, with probably one of the worst human rights records, only has around 4.1% unemployment rate (urban).  While I do not support their policies what is important is this number, especially when one considers the sheer number of people.  They allow employment to happen and they effectively let the employer and employee determine the wage agreement.  While many will try and take issue with me over conditions etc, they cannot take from the fact that they are employed.

The fundamental pride that comes from having a job is something that this government needs to get to grips with and fast.  While the trade unionist will not agree with, they can’t you see, we need policies around labour that encourage employment.  Currently there is a skew happening in business, where individuals are having tasks added to their job descriptions daily. They suck it up because they need to, because they have a job. In a unionised environment this type of practice is frowned upon.  They say because it is to ensure job creation, but it is not working.

Addressing the needs of the poor is the fundamental responsibility of government. Nationalisation will do nothing except cause further job losses and unemployment, the worst possible scenario in a country already battling with 25% plus unemployment levels.  The disinvestment potential, far outweighs the resources we have in the ground and that my friends is the simple truth.

Job creation must be the number one agenda point, labour legislation and incentives around employment have to be right up there.  As the old proverb goes, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. We need to an employment agenda and this is only possible with investment from outside, this is only possible if investors believe they will get a return.

A Nationalisation agenda will not only strip us of our resources, but will strip the life out of our already weary citizens ……..

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Mike • August 10, 2011

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