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We need a jobs agenda and nothing else…….

Our largest trading partner, in the form of China, with probably one of the worst human rights records, only has around 4.1% unemployment rate (urban)…..

Madiba and Malema a meeting of the minds……NOT!!!

Well it was with some dismay that I read that Madiba gave Julius Malema an audience. I would guess that it was to try and provide Julius with some words of wisdom.  ‘Oh, this is the man who talks a lot and is very famous’,” Mbalula said after the meeting.  I guess this was as…

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I’ll take them all down!!!

Nothing says I am guilty more than passing a threat to bring others involved with the issue down with you. Below an extract from which lead this story this morning.  ANC president Jacob Zuma has vowed to take down other officials if the State continues to pursue him for alleged corruption in SA’s multi-billion rand arms…

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