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Strike Strike Strike who wins?

So it is my contention that a wage settlement above inflation in fact is more detrimental to the country as a whole

What has happened to the 500 000 jobs JZ?

While the economists are saying that signs are improving the real economy is in your pocket. As long as you feel the pinch times are tough.


No “Jump to the left”

What we do know is that under prudent financial management, sometimes you have to make unpopular decisions….

Strike Action causes the rest deeper sadness..

Plenty of strike action appears to be on the cards, in what many commentators are calling “The Strike Season”. The effectiveness of these actions will forever remain a point of discussion around which no agreement will ever be reached. The “workers” withhold their labour (without pay in most instances) in an attempt to extract the…

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We called this one – 100 basis points

So the couch economist has so far, in his relatively short career (12 months),¬†called every move that SARB and the MPC in particular have made. Interesting was the commentary that said that Tito had arrived “guns blazing” for a 200 basis point cut in the rate. The positive side about this comment is that the…

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Interest rates up or not????

With economists currently divided about whether the next MPC (Monetary Policy Meeting) will increase interest rates, each delivering valid reasons for their argument. It appears to me that the governor must follow the policy that he set in place when he started this round of increases. This, I am afraid to say, means that he…

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Tito unhappy with Investec

Below is part of an article out of business report on comments made by the Governor of the reserve bank regarding the report by Investec that inflation figures, as reported by StatsSA are incorrect. Johannesburg – Tito Mboweni, the central bank governor, criticised Investec Asset Management yesterday for questioning the country’s inflation data, saying the…

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StatsSA cocks it again!!

Below extract taken from Moneyweb given by Andre Roux of Investec. I am noeconomist, but if this is true (and certainly every one “in the know” appears to corroberate¬†the theory) then StatsSA have made a mistake. This is the second time in five years that they have done this, something needs to be done here…

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Hold onto your wallets we are in for a bumpy ride!

As mentioned before I am a bit of a couch economist, trying to make sense of the financial speak that seems to confuse us all in terms of inflationary pressures, trade deficits etc. My style is to try to cut through all of this to deliver a prediction of what we can look forward to…

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I hate to say I told you so….

As predicted in my post of 23rd May, the governor of the reserve bank once again increased the repo rate by 50 basis points. I may only be an amateur at this, but all of the analysts had predicted a full point increase. I think that the Governor only increased by 50 basis points as…

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