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Will there ever be another iPhone moment?

I believe the next step will come from outside the current base of manufacturers, maybe I will be proved wrong, but if last nights “event” is anything to go by, I think not…….

PHAT and Sexy in one device…….The Nokia #N9

Nokia may just have hit the nail on the head with the #N9 and this could be the phone that brings Nokia back as far as their mobile offering goes. I had the privilege of attending the launch of the Nokia #N9 in Cape Town a few days back, as “the man in the street…

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Nokia e7 – business and multimedia in one…..

Some big points for Nokia though are that you do not need to have a PC to activate or register the phone!


Nokia N8 a streetview perspective (part 3)

The choice of device will be determined by your mobile usage pattern……


Nokia N8 a street view perspective (part two)

I am still convinced that #Nokia have delivered a quality device in the #N8


Nokia OVI Store worth a closer look

over 7 million music tracks available for download….


Nokia N8 a street view perspective (part one)

Yip it took me just 25 minutes to get the phone up and running……


Nokia N8 interest pricked

Certainly I will be delaying my decision around purchasing the iPhone 4 for the time being…..


PHAT it is Sexy it ain’t

I have been given the priviledge of evaluating the Nokia N900. Let me start by saying that I am no techno buff.  I have a passable understanding of mobile devices, but am addicted to them.  I am not entirely sure what I did before they arrived on the scene, but enough of that…… My evaluation…

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Nokia losing hold on smartphone market?

I would put myself firmly in the ramp up stage of the consumer curves so Nokia you need to take heed of your research, I think that you may be losing market share faster than you have alluded to in your reporting.

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