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Will there ever be another iPhone moment?

So, like many other Apple fanboy’s last night, I sat and watched the live stream from Gizmodo of the apple iPhone 5 launch event.  While some of the specifications look great and are certainly a step up from the iPhone 4 (that I have). I was left wondering about whether there would truly ever be another iPhone moment.

What do I define as an iPhone moment: It is the moment the world was first introduced to the iPhone, the device I credit with creating such and explosion in smartphone technology. The iPhone created the market of smartphones as we know it (my view anyway) Sure, we had Blackberry and Nokia and the rest of them playing around in the space, but I think iPhone established the benchmark which everyone else has been refining  (or copying depending on which side of the fence you sit)

Many of yesterday’s announcements by Apple were already known to the market and to be frank, were all expected. Bigger screen, faster processor, Maps, smaller docking port – nothing surprised the audience. This is what put the seed of the title of this post into my head.

When are we going to see the next big shake-up in the mobile market? Will there be one? When will the next Steve Jobs arrive on the scene to deliver a product that everyone else aspires to have?

I think it will happen. Somewhere out there is another mobile genius working feverishly away at a product that is so cool it will blow us all away. It is going to have all sorts of sweets and goodies that we all want, but don’t know yet. Will Apple be the company to deliver it? I am not sure about this. In fact I am not sure that any of the current manufacturers will deliver it. I think that all of them, without exception, are stuck in the product refinement mode. Let’s make it bigger, smaller, faster, bigger camera, better display, longer battery life, thinner, lighter etc.

I believe the next step will come from outside the current base of manufacturers, maybe I will be proved wrong, but if last nights “event” is anything to go by, I think not.

Now, let me say this, I do want an iPhone 5 and that’s because I love the way Apple products operate, I am a fanboy afterall! So if anybody is going overseas in the next couple of days, let me know I would like to get my hands on the iPhone 5 asap.


Mike • September 13, 2012

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