The Running Commentary

Will there ever be another iPhone moment?

I believe the next step will come from outside the current base of manufacturers, maybe I will be proved wrong, but if last nights “event” is anything to go by, I think not…….


Change is required, how you undertake this is the measure of you……….

You cannot though make yourself a victim of the process, how you elect to deal with the change process is going to determine your future success…..

Incompetent sales staff will cost you success

Yours is the opportunity to talk to me and enlighten me on what your product and/or service can deliver. I am a willing purchaser when I arrive in your store, if you fail to convert me, you have only yourself to blame!

Especially for my friend Tasman

Some people in this world believe that they are technologically challenged, and reading some of the questions asked of the IT departments below, some truly are: “Why isn’t my wireless mouse connected to the computer?” “Can you reset the Internet for me?” Then there was the questioner who asked:”Where can I get software to track…

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New production improvement device….

This post title marks my thought change in terms of the new “toys” that I seem to desire and then motivate to buy. I have recently been blessed by my company with a new HP Compaq 2510p laptop (almost 2 gigs of RAM) 12 inch screen. This has certainly helped improve my productivity, has given…

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