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Incompetent sales staff will cost you success

One of my pet hates is when you have to deal with incompetent shop assistants.  I hate asking a question about a specific product only to get a blank stare or I am not sure or let me find someone to help you.

Consumers should be able to expect to get top quality service from everyone in your organisation. Technically, if I know more about your product than you do, then you have a problem. I need to be able to feel like you are going to be able to show me the virtues of your product, I need to see the “secrets” that no-one else knows. I need to feel like I am purchasing the ultimate product and that the money I intent spending should come your way.

I truly believe that many sales will be lost during this season as a result of technical incompetence of the staff on the floor. Case in point…MTN your guys at the customer service desk at your Canalwalk branch appear to lack the ability to effectively advise.  I managed to secure a client that was about to walk out of the door.  He wanted to know what the best package was for him to use. Your guys were selling him a pay as you go service, which would financially be the worst solution for him. I concede that it may have been the best for you, but your prospective client would have then felt cheated, when the truth was revealed.

He was from overseas, I asked him three questions 1) How much do you use your current device 2) Lots of calls only? 3) Do you need data and how much? Answers came and in 10 seconds he was able to make a decision.

Now this is just one interaction and I can give at least two more, from yesterday only! all of these at Canal Walk (one shopping centre).  My plea therefore to the owners of stores, ensure that your staff are trained to the highest possible level.

Yours is the opportunity to talk to me and enlighten me on what your product and/or service can deliver.  I am a willing purchaser when I arrive in your store, if you fail to convert me, you have only yourself to blame!

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Mike • December 22, 2009

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