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Proudly a Learner Husband!

I am able to say “I am proudly a learner husband” thanks to Stuart Taylor. Last night my awesome wife took me to this show, billed as “offering men a step-by-step programme on how to survive the most perilous of all tests … marriage!”

I need to say that I was really impressed, Stuart (man I sound like I know him) delivers a performance that not only is really funny, but has lashings of truth.  I thought that I had seen the ultimate in help for understanding males, when we went to see “Defending the Caveman” but Stuart delivers far more.

Stuart Taylor uses a lot of humor, as you would expect, but he also cleverly uses pauses, which allow for contemplation by all.  Just when you think you have “won a point” he cleverly shows you, The Learner Husband, how you should react and behave in a situation. His point illustration around the candera wrapper on…….I’ll leave you to catch this in the show! 

He even has a bit of a self help opportunity in the form of a quiz (held as part of the show) that helps you identify your “blind spot” as a husband.  Man this was on the money and provided great humor for my wife and I.  We were spot on in identifying my one, I am cheerful!  (you need to go to the show to see the significance of this and to identify yours)

What I will say if that Stuart provides a great evening of laughs, with the serious opportunity for self evaluation. He enables you to see the funny side of this sometime difficult road. To quote him: “This show should be mandatory, before anyone gets married”

I would like to urge you, if you are in Cape Town and you would like to spend time as a couple, having a laugh and sharing those “nudge you in the rib moments”  as you see yourselves through his performance go an catch “Learner Husband” by Stuart Taylor at the Baxter Theatre.  The cost is just R80.00 per ticket!

Thanks babe for an awesome evening!

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Mike • December 20, 2009

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