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New production improvement device….

laptop web sizeThis post title marks my thought change in terms of the new “toys” that I seem to desire and then motivate to buy. I have recently been blessed by my company with a new HP Compaq 2510p laptop (almost 2 gigs of RAM) 12 inch screen.

This has certainly helped improve my productivity, has given me a hugs amount of portability with a battery life of almost 5 hours. Speed is clearly leaps ahead of anything that I have had before. Interestingly I could not view my youtube feeds that I have into my blog. I new that it must be some sort of setting or plugin.

In exactly 0.267 seconds I had my answer, installed Adobe flashplayer in 1 minute flat including adjusting my seat position and there we go back into full viewing mode.

I am totally blown away that sitting in my chair, watching the first qualification run for this Sunday’s formula one Grand Prix, linked via wireless to an ADSL connection I am able to write this post get answers to my questions, view the latest news and simply take in as much or as little as I like.

I love technology, use it wisely and it definitely will enhance your life.

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Mike • August 2, 2008

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