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Mclaren lock out front row for Hungarian GP

mclaren new picQualification only moments ago ended with Mclaren locking out the front row in terms of the race for Sunday. Ferrari’s Massa coming in third and looked like he drover the living day lights out of the Ferrari.

Certainly Kimi Raikkonen must be a worried man and the Ferrari team equally must be concerned about his performance.

Certainly the race is poised to be really exciting and Mclaren, it would appear, are on for another victory. This will give Lewis the opportunity to score a hat-trick in terms of victories and will also put him right up next the great Michael Schumacher who was the last driver, going back the 2006 season, to win three grand prix in a row.

Let’s hope the race lives up to a expectations and is eventful but safe for all of the teams and drivers.

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Mike • August 2, 2008

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