The Running Commentary

Hungarian flip….

This race has turned up a different winner for the past 7 years in a row, maybe this fact together with what appeared yesterday to be an over confident Lewis Hamilton, may go some way to defining this race. The race was marked by an incredible start by Massa, who moved from third place to…

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Mclaren lock out front row for Hungarian GP

Qualification only moments ago ended with Mclaren locking out the front row in terms of the race for Sunday. Ferrari’s Massa coming in third and looked like he drover the living day lights out of the Ferrari. Certainly Kimi Raikkonen must be a worried man and the Ferrari team equally must be concerned about his…

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Whos Hungry for Hungary???

Rather a corny opening title, but it was the best I could come up with….. With a little under 20 hours to go before the start of another race weekend, the confidence in the Mclaren camp must be at an all time high. Lewis sitting on a hat trick has a very real opportunity to…

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