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Hungarian flip….

hami_mcl_jerez_08pre_daim.jpgThis race has turned up a different winner for the past 7 years in a row, maybe this fact together with what appeared yesterday to be an over confident Lewis Hamilton, may go some way to defining this race.

The race was marked by an incredible start by Massa, who moved from third place to first by the time we were through the first corner. He led from this point through the first set of pitstops and looked to be pulling away from Lewis during the second stint.

Then the first drama with Hamilton getting a flat and moving all the way down to 12th by the time he re-joined the race. The next bit of cruel luck happened to Massa, who’s Ferrari engine gave up the cost with only three laps to go.

Heikki, was then promoted to first place and his first ever Grand Prix victory.

Massa seemed to have the measure of Lewis, even though the qualies from yesterday seemed to indicate that Mclaren had the covered all of their basis. I do think that the Woking drivers should look at their start as it seemed that they could have, as a team pairing closed the lines more effectively.

The race was great, really bad luck in terms of Lewis and Felipe, but a victory is a victory. 

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Mike • August 3, 2008

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