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Luca sounding like a spoilt child!!

Below comments by Luca di Montezemelo on the Singapore race, which was more popular in Singapore than the opening of the Olympic games.     The Italian marque’s President Luca di Montezemolo slammed the event as a “circus” track at which only the appearance of the safety car lottery could spice up. “All this is humiliating…

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Spa GP who’s up to the challenge

Spa will Kimi make it four in a row (this was a vote placed on to which I answered definitely not. Knowing the level of support that Ferrari enjoy out there, it is safe to say that many Ferrari fans would have placed their vote.The results so far show that almost 66.34% of those…

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Hungarian flip….

This race has turned up a different winner for the past 7 years in a row, maybe this fact together with what appeared yesterday to be an over confident Lewis Hamilton, may go some way to defining this race. The race was marked by an incredible start by Massa, who moved from third place to…

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Hamilton dominates German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton today showed what a true world champion in the making looks like. Germany represented one of his most dominating races ever, elevating him to the ranks of Senna and Schumacher, with an almost faultless drive. The rest of the field including his teammate seemed destined from the very start to be relegated to…

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Hamilton shows true class!

What a great qualification for tomorrows GP in Germany. Hamilton clinching pole on his final run leaving Mclaren first and third on the grid split by Massa. Heiki is followed by Alonso who delivered an amazing result (probably lower on fuel than the rest of the top six) This race could provide Mclaren with that…

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German GP shaping well for Mclaren and Hamilton

Looking at the free practice results for yesterday (Friday) Hamilton topped the sheets by almost 700th of of a second, miles ahead by F1 standards. As mentioned in my previous post re the coming GP, variable weather conditions could play into Mclaren’s hands, in particular Lewis. As long as his time’s remain where they are…

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