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Hamilton dominates German Grand Prix

hami_mcl_jerez_08pre_daim.jpgLewis Hamilton today showed what a true world champion in the making looks like. Germany represented one of his most dominating races ever, elevating him to the ranks of Senna and Schumacher, with an almost faultless drive.

The rest of the field including his teammate seemed destined from the very start to be relegated to “also rans” in term of the race. While there were plenty of races within the race for the minor positions first place was in no doubt from the start.

A safety car (Glock retiring in spectacular fashion after a right rear suspension failure) tactical error by the Mclaren team meant that Lewis was forced to overtake Massa and Nelson Piquet Jnr to secure the win. If there was not a safety car I am sure that the winning margin would have been significant.

Mclaren must be wondering about Heikki who with the same resources managed only fifth place and while this is a top ten finish the class shown by Lewis showed that the Mclaren was a far superior package.

Piquet must be ecstatic after starting effectively at the back of the grid and used the safety car to secure his second place.

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Mike • July 20, 2008

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