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To MBA or not to MBA that is the question

question markAs mentioned I have entered a time in my life where I am considering the future. One of the questions I am considering is whether or not to complete an MBA. Once I have answered this, the next question will be whether I do it on a full time basis or whether I did it part-time.

The first question about whether to complete the MBA or not comes from a desire to make my contribution to the board room table more credible. Further to this I think that it will provide me with the theoretical knowledge that I feel I am lacking.

To do it full-time or part-time is really about the family and the sacrifice that comes with the work load that a course like this demands. Also the finances required to complete it.

So I guess this is another phase that I am entering and will need to investigate. Lets see where it ends. 


Mike • July 20, 2008

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