The Running Commentary

The business of growing, a daily challenge in humility

It is hard to believe that I am just 1 month short of celebrating my 6th year as business entrepreneur, in my role as co-owner of Brandesign Group. It has been a journey of many facets, all of these taking me through a variety of emotions. I have experienced movements of absolute highs and times…

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Today is my birthday and yip I am 44. Aside from the obvious fact that I am getting older and hopefully a little wiser, birthdays present a great time to take stock. A reminder then Mike of where you are and what you have been blessed with: Beautiful Wife – check Amazingly wonderful kids –…

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Game of War……Gone

I made a decision yesterday and that was to quit a game, called Game of War, after being an active participant for a long time. I can see all of you right now saying “What its just a game – come on”. Indeed it is! This post though is perhaps more about time and priority…

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Instant gratification……instant distress

Communication has been relegated to a thoughtless act, harsh words I know, but look at the number of relationships that are damaged by misplaced text messages……


On being a superhero with an ordinary man’s exoskeleton!

PS. Make sure you are facing into the wind so that your cape flusters in the breeze!

US President is not the “World President”!

I am writing this as I want to highlight how some people view the USA and the post of President of the country. I read the TIME magazine and take particular interest in the letters section (Inbox) as this is where you can see the real reaction to articles published. Tolu Ogunlesiis a Nigeria (or…

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To MBA or not to MBA that is the question

As mentioned I have entered a time in my life where I am considering the future. One of the questions I am considering is whether or not to complete an MBA. Once I have answered this, the next question will be whether I do it on a full time basis or whether I did it…

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German GP shaping well for Mclaren and Hamilton

Looking at the free practice results for yesterday (Friday) Hamilton topped the sheets by almost 700th of of a second, miles ahead by F1 standards. As mentioned in my previous post re the coming GP, variable weather conditions could play into Mclaren’s hands, in particular Lewis. As long as his time’s remain where they are…

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