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The business of growing, a daily challenge in humility

It is hard to believe that I am just 1 month short of celebrating my 6th year as business entrepreneur, in my role as co-owner of Brandesign Group. It has been a journey of many facets, all of these taking me through a variety of emotions. I have experienced movements of absolute highs and times of extreme lows.

The Reality

Being part of the entrepreneur space is fraught with challenges. Managing things like compliance, cash-flow, staff and of course getting business into the pipeline. Most days are filled with dealing with one or more of these elements, sometimes my day can be consumed by all of these elements and this reality can be somewhat overwhelming.

The Other Reality

The other reality is, that as an entrepreneur, you are able to manage your own priorities with ease. Your time is most often your own, you get to set your own boundaries and do things that most people, in the corporate space, wish they could do. I get to attend school functions, go to sports matches, be involved in community projects and ultimately I get a more rounded experience of life. This is the other reality, one that I would not change.

Well, the truth is, that both realities require a sense of humility, an acknowledgement that you are ultimately only one human in the landscape. During the times of high’s and low’s you need to be able to connect with people around you, who can guide you, who can help. These people are able to shape you during the periods you find yourself in; they become your parry in the season. They are people who challenge you.


Humility is the key to making this happen. This is probably one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn on the road. Confidence is something that I have often prided myself on. Some of those closest to me tell me that I can persuade people just by the way I say something. This confidence can be a blind spot for me. It is something that I need to be aware, something that can keep me from being humble.

The business of growing is a daily challenge in humility. One that I will continue to work on in the hope that I can grow more.

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Mike • June 4, 2018

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