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US President is not the “World President”!


I am writing this as I want to highlight how some people view the USA and the post of President of the country. I read the TIME magazine and take particular interest in the letters section (Inbox) as this is where you can see the real reaction to articles published.

Tolu Ogunlesiis a Nigeria (or at least that is how the letter is signed off) in the letter about the candidate Obama, the writer says: “For an election to the post of what could arguably be termed President of the World, that is the kind of man we need”

If indeed you are a Nigerian, then I am extremely worried by this, because you should be putting Nigeria first and then Africa. We need to change this attitude to ensure that Africa does not look to the USA as the savior, we need to galvanise as a continent and develop our leaders. Simply put we do not need to inflate an already inflated ego and rather focus on growing our own African pride.

(to be fair to Tolu, I have submitted this post to TIME so that an opportunity to respond is given)


Mike • September 24, 2008

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