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German GP shaping well for Mclaren and Hamilton

mclaren new picLooking at the free practice results for yesterday (Friday) Hamilton topped the sheets by almost 700th of of a second, miles ahead by F1 standards. As mentioned in my previous post re the coming GP, variable weather conditions could play into Mclaren’s hands, in particular Lewis.

As long as his time’s remain where they are are, or more specifically he can retain his place at the top of the time sheet by the end of Saturday’s qualies, we could see Lewis lead to victory from the front.

The rest of the field will certainly pose more than a challenge, but with weather forecasters still calling the weather unpredictable lets all just hope that Saturday and Sunday sees all the drivers have good sessions and a safe race.

Nailing my colours to the flag as a Mclaren supporter I am hoping for a Mclaren one two with Lewis at the top.

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Mike • July 19, 2008

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