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44Today is my birthday and yip I am 44. Aside from the obvious fact that I am getting older and hopefully a little wiser, birthdays present a great time to take stock.

A reminder then Mike of where you are and what you have been blessed with:

Beautiful Wife – check

Amazingly wonderful kids – check

Family – check

Friends (near and far) – check

Roof over your head – check

Food on the table – check

Clothes (granted perhaps a little fashion challenged) – check

Chasing your dream of owning a business – check

Truly blessed is what you are! So when you wake up remember the words that Lex Loizides shared in his message “Don’t wake up and begin you day by scanning the horizon for things to worry over. Rather, remind yourself that God is you heavenly Father”

Thank you to those who are sharing this journey with me, thank you for love and kindness, for your advice along the way and thank you for the role you will still play in my life.

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Mike • February 23, 2016

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