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Game of War……Gone

GOWI made a decision yesterday and that was to quit a game, called Game of War, after being an active participant for a long time. I can see all of you right now saying “What its just a game – come on”. Indeed it is! This post though is perhaps more about time and priority as opposed to the actual game.


For me it had moved past just being a game, it had moved into a bit of an obsession, one that dominated several aspects of my life. I am a bit of strategy gamer and enjoy the challenge of building one’s empire to take on others. This game delivered much of that experience for me. I began to think about ways I could grow faster, become better, out smart others. I would think about it while driving, while working even while talking to others!


It became a priority.   I had been talking about sorting out priorities in my life for some time, but I was ignoring the impact this was having on my time, it was after all “just a game”.   I said I wanted to have regular quiet times, time with my family and time to exercise. All of these times suffered as a result of this priority, this escape.

 Time for change

So I am not saying that now that I have given up the game, deleted from all of my devices, that I will suddenly become great at the things I mentioned. In fact I now need to deal with the impact of not having focused on these. This is a price that I will pay for neglecting these things, the cost. It is though time for a change.

 How will I do?

I am not sure how I will do, if there will be progress, but I am hopeful that with some effort that most of these will improve. I will keep writing about the progress as I go and hopefully the news is encouraging.

 Perhaps a challenge: “What is the Game of War in your life”

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Mike • February 23, 2016

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