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Spa GP who’s up to the challenge

mclaren new picSpa will Kimi make it four in a row (this was a vote placed on to which I answered definitely not. Knowing the level of support that Ferrari enjoy out there, it is safe to say that many Ferrari fans would have placed their vote.The results so far show that almost 66.34% of those polled either say possibly or unlikely. These stats will change I am sure once the Friday practice begins, but which way it will go we will have to see.While I am in no way writing off Kimi I do not believe that he has what it takes to win this weekend, I think that he is struggling on a number of levels, not the least of which is the mental turmoil of not winning a race since April.I would anticipate, although I hope not, that Mclaren will try race with the end in mind and look to a conservative strategy with the hope that the Ferrari team will suffer a set back at some point in the race.As my stats attest to in my previous posts there is a 50/50 chance of winning from either pole or 2nd place and Mclaren are the only team to win from lower down on the grid, so I guess they feel that they can win from anywhere.Let’s hope that the racing will be good and as always that the action is furious and fast and the drivers all finish safely¬†

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Mike • September 4, 2008

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