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Let’s hope the FIA fix this error!!!

Further to the penalty handed to Lewis Hamilton which cost him the race victory. I have included comments made by Martin Whitmarsh from the Mclaren web site “From the pit wall, we then asked Race Control to confirm that they were comfortable that Lewis had allowed Kimi to repass, and they confirmed twice that they…

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Spa, Hamilton victorious to all except FIA!!!

In yet another mind blowing decision, or rather selective application of the rules, we see that the FIA have imposed a retrospective penalty on a driver (Hamilton). Spa showed that Lewis is a better driver than most when it comes to wet conditions. Controversially the stewards have applied a 25 second penalty causing Lewis to…

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Spa GP who’s up to the challenge

Spa will Kimi make it four in a row (this was a vote placed on to which I answered definitely not. Knowing the level of support that Ferrari enjoy out there, it is safe to say that many Ferrari fans would have placed their vote.The results so far show that almost 66.34% of those…

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