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Let’s hope the FIA fix this error!!!


Further to the penalty handed to Lewis Hamilton which cost him the race victory. I have included comments made by Martin Whitmarsh from the Mclaren web site “From the pit wall, we then asked Race Control to confirm that they were comfortable that Lewis had allowed Kimi to repass, and they confirmed twice that they believed that the position had been given back in a manner that was ‘okay’.

“If Race Control had instead expressed any concern regarding Lewis’s actions at that time, we would have instructed Lewis to allow Kimi to re-pass for a second time.”

This comment I think is particularly damaging for the race control team and stewards at the race track. Effectively adding fuel to the race fixing debate that is ragging at the moment.

My view is that the IFA need to get this sorted very quickly, you cannot impose a retrospective penalty if you have taken the opportunity for the team to “fix” the error away on the track. Simply put everyone could see that Kimi cannot race in the wet, and Hamilton would have beaten him, even if he had to allow him to re-pass again.

Let’s hope that the appeal hearing bring some sanity to the situation and that the IFA reverse the stewards decision.

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Mike • September 11, 2008

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  1. The Devil September 24, 2008 - 1:11 am

    Sorry Mike, as you know by now “Our Lewis” has lost his appeal against the “unfair” judgment by the stewards. The FIA summarily dismissed McLaren’s appeal despite Martin Witmarsh, Ron Dennis and LH being cocksure they’ll get the ruling overturned. Poor boy, done in by those bastards-in-the-pocket-of-the-Scuderia again!

    I enclose a link to an article that describe exactly how I feel about young Lewis.

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