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Spa, Hamilton victorious to all except FIA!!!


In yet another mind blowing decision, or rather selective application of the rules, we see that the FIA have imposed a retrospective penalty on a driver (Hamilton). Spa showed that Lewis is a better driver than most when it comes to wet conditions.

Controversially the stewards have applied a 25 second penalty causing Lewis to be relegated to third position. While he gain an advantage, he immediately handed it back by letting Kimi pass. Lewis then simply drove like every good driver would (in the slip stream of the guy in front of you) and over took the Finn at the next corner.

Kimi, displaying yet again his inability to drive in wet conditions then crashed into the barriers result in him not being able to finish.

What is really perplexing to me in the way the stewards seem to be able to change the result of race with such dramatic effect.

In the last race Massa was clearly released “in an unsafe way” by his team, he however was not given a time penalty but a 10 000 Euro fine. This amount will be lost in the rounding of the Ferrari books. Lewis gets a 25 second time penalty, completely changing the result of the race.

This is grossly inconsistent by the authorities and worthy of it’s own investigation, but we all know that this will not happen. The team at Woking (Mclaren home base) must be devastated by this course of events.

Safe to say that Ferrari look like they will win this year if the FIA have anything to do with it. The FIA had better be very careful because the supporters of all of the other teams will begin to vote with their hard earned dollars. The F1 supporters want to see hard fought races and this was one of the best. The result was completely fair and the stewards have effectively dimished the event – well done to them.

Sieh Heil mein Führer Mosley – oops I forgot you kinda like that don’t you Maxie!

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Mike • September 8, 2008

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