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Yengeni paralysed politician or miracle walker?


Tony Yengeni, in an attempt to show to the world that he is, in fact, a paralysed politician, decided to park his luxury vehicle (R 1 000 000.00 price tag) in a bay reserved for disabled folk.

Quietly sipping on some champagne (oops yet another drink while on parole – remember Tony you are not supposed to do this!??) he sat justĀ a few meters away. Look perhaps he thought it was going to one of those “long ones” then he wouldn’t have to walk far!!?

This is once again a member on the National Executive of the ANC showing their absolute entitlement culture. You can just hear him saying “Do you know who I am?” Well Tony we do and thank you for showing us all in technicolour just what a poor person you are.

ANCANC National ExecutivepoliticianReserved parkingTony Yengeni

Mike • September 8, 2008

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