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GoogleMaps for Nokia e90


Google Maps. Picked up this for free the other day and looks like a great application, the most noteworthy point is that it operates with GPS or without. Using the cellphone masts closet to your current location is able to give you an approximation, they say to 1800 meters, but in every test that I have done it has been a out to a maximum of 300 meters.

The only thing that we really need to happen now is for Google South Africa to sort out the Geo-coding of streets other than the main highways. Come now chaps getting this sorted will give us a really handy tool.

I must say though that this is simply another reason for me to enjoy my Nokia e90 (I know that this application is not phone dependant!)Especially given the size of the screen when you open the flap, it is almost have if you have a Garmin!

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Mike • September 8, 2008

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