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Paralympics awesome display of the human spirit


A bit unusual to post a topic like this under the “Great Ideas” banner, but this is truly where I believe it belongs. These games have certainly opened my eyes! I count myself privileged to have watched some of this sporting event on tele over the past few days.

I have not, I confess, watched these events in the past and have typically flicked over them, dismissing them as the worlds attempt to make “them” fit in. Well I was completely wrong!!

The athletes that I have watched (mostly swimming events) showed, not only, how great the human spirit is, but more importantly (for me anyway) how wrong a view I have had. I am not sure if I should say this but for me it felt like I didn’t have to feel “sorry for them” they have all trained and really are looking forward to a great scrap!

Their faces as each one prepared to take the starting blocks, showed absolute determination coupled with a huge sense of pride. They had reached the pinnacle of their training and were about to show the world just what they had.

These guys really epitomise the term athlete (not that the able bodied guys don’t) they showed as much commitment and talent, in even tougher circumstances. They have risen, and this is not me waxing lyrical here, to life’s challenges and have shown me that you can overcome just about anything.

Big Up to you guys keep striving and smiling!!

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Mike • September 8, 2008

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