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Passionately Driven as opposed to Intellectually dead…..

cape townI know is a strong titleline but one that I am feeling very convinced about.

I have over the past few weeks had some really interesting debates with people, many of which I have not completed as I become more aware that the debate is actual devoid of passion.Not that the people I am debating are not passionate, just that they seem to argue based on facts and not on a true belief basis. They seem convinced only by fact, which implies that should another fact come along they will move to this.
While this in itself is not an issue, as sometimes we need to see new facts to make a more informed choice. Where my issue sits, is around particular arguments about one’s self development in a spiritual sense. Increasingly I encounter folk that seem passionless about these arguments, instead spending time trying to intellectualize their feelings.

I urge you to get passionate about your feelings particularly in terms of your beliefs, this will ensure that you cannot be swayed by intellectual arguments only, but rather defend the relationships you have.


Mike • August 4, 2008

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