The Running Commentary

Toys R Us on how not to service your customer!

The upshot is that my kids received a valuable lesson on how not to do it……

Why Lead SA?

I do not think that there is anything ordinary about this country…….


A letter to the new seekers of work, particularly the youth of South Africa.

remember that I may need to work for you someday and remember that I gave you this great advice….


Passion will unlock strength and will lead to success…..

I have been thinking about this topic over the past few days, this as a result of me trying to decipher why some people appear to be successful despite “obvious limitations”…..

The Fever Rises!

We will be able to cement our place as the launching pad into the rest of Africa at the same time showcasing our great country. So let me say it again, I am Proudly South African! I love what we have been able to achieve as a country Viva South Africa Viva!

Passionately Driven as opposed to Intellectually dead…..

I know is a strong titleline but one that I am feeling very convinced about. I have over the past few weeks had some really interesting debates with people, many of which I have not completed as I become more aware that the debate is actual devoid of passion.Not that the people I am debating…

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