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Passion will unlock strength and will lead to success…..

I have been thinking about this topic over the past few days, this as a result of me trying to decipher why some people appear to be successful despite “obvious limitations”.

I have the privilege of working with and encountering many people in my line of work. I meet with some who seem determined, despite the odds, to succeed.  They stand out from the crowd and seem to inspire those that listen to their story. I often leave these encounters re-charged about life or issues.

I then go hell for leather to achieve the same result as them as far projects or issues that I am tackling. I often employ the surface tactics that they do, to achieve the success, and I must add that very often I achieve truly great results. These results sometimes are short lived.

So maybe it’s the way I think or some other issue building inside of me, but I have started wondering. Why exactly do these people seem to succeed where people with similar or better resources, better “education” fail.

My view is that they have passion, while this in itself may not be the light bulb what is, is how they deploy this.  I am fast reaching the point that the truly successful have worked out, consciously or unconsciously, how to convert this passion into strength.

This strength is able to be translated into unrelenting momentum, which in turn is able to unlock success.  I have also realised, for myself anyway, that you need to have a true passion in order to get access to this strength.

Here is the lesson……While you may be able to fake passion to those around you, you will never be able to fake it to yourself. The irony though is that if you have fake passion, you will be able to succeed while the going is good. You don’t need strength when the going is good. You need strength when the going gets tough.

Continuing, this is where the difference is between the truly successful and the flash in the pan. In my view anyway, the successful ones have found the true passion.  They in turn have been able to unlock the strength that they need to face any obstacle. Their true passion, coupled with unrelenting strength is what gives rise to their success.

Look around you, do you wonder how it is that some people seem only to succeed later on in life, the answer is true passion. They may have found it late in life, but find it they did.  Why is it that despite incredible odds some people seem hell bent on success….true passion once more.

So maybe this is a note to myself, but it may help some of you as well. To get success you need to find your passion. Once you have found your passion you will get strength to continue despite any obstacles and then you, and hopefully me too, can soar!

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Mike • June 3, 2010

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