The Running Commentary


A letter to the new seekers of work, particularly the youth of South Africa.

remember that I may need to work for you someday and remember that I gave you this great advice….


Passion will unlock strength and will lead to success…..

I have been thinking about this topic over the past few days, this as a result of me trying to decipher why some people appear to be successful despite “obvious limitations”…..


Corporate Management challenges

I have this theory that the best corporate person that an organization can find for a managerial role is somebody that is 51% corporate and 49% entrepreneur. What do I mean by this?

Keys to Success individually

I have been looking quite seriously over the past few weeks about what truly enables you to be successful in the business world, at an individual level.  I have been looking closely at a number of prominent players in the public arena both locally and internationally. Closer to home I have been looking at folk that…

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