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I have been looking quite seriously over the past few weeks about what truly enables you to be successful in the business world, at an individual level.  I have been looking closely at a number of prominent players in the public arena both locally and internationally. Closer to home I have been looking at folk that influence me on a day to day basis and those that I may influence to see what patterns of success of failure emerge.

The one defining trait that comes home to me is that, almost everybody that I in some way aspire to, have a relentless pursuit of trying to understand the factors around them. It then seems that once they have mastered this they move to trying to manipulate them. I sense that you may feel that manipulate is a negative term, but for me it seems to be a lesson.

Key to this manipulation is not necessarily for direct person gain, but more to shape how an outcome may affect them.

I see these folk directing others in ways that allow the person being directed to succeed (if they so wish), this very success clearly creates the opportunity for these successful people to attain a return. Importantly, this return is not necessarily measured in financial terms, although it does seem to lead to financial success.

This post is in now way complete, but just a sounding out of what I am grappling with. If you are asking yourself, is this that Mike would like to be more successful, the answer is yes. I truly believe that success is something that can be worked at, some people may be required to work harder, others not.

I am going to continue to be guided by those around me in the hope that I can draw some strengths.

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Mike • October 30, 2008

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