The Running Commentary

Tough times and strong friendships should go hand in hand……

Faith is never tested like it is until you face issues that you cannot resolve yourself……..


A letter to the new seekers of work, particularly the youth of South Africa.

remember that I may need to work for you someday and remember that I gave you this great advice….


Passion will unlock strength and will lead to success…..

I have been thinking about this topic over the past few days, this as a result of me trying to decipher why some people appear to be successful despite “obvious limitations”…..

Iphone continues to amaze

I continue to marvel at the iPhone 3gs. Most importantly for me is how the interface works. I am fascinated by the sheer number of applications that are out there. The exchange server functionality is awsome. Working with this device is becoming easier with each passing day. Speaking of which, I plan next week totest…

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Interdependency and the effect on the organisation….

This post has been around in my over worked and under paid mind for some time. It surfaces each time I work with other divisions within my business. Usually the experience is quite good, but from time to time I am left hugely frustrated by an apparent lack of delivery by one or other party….

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10 Tips to keep calm at work (from FM Life)

Reading the FM (Financial Mail) I came across so valuable information in terms of managing your stress within the office context. I have put these in and will be trying some of them to see if in fact they help. Below listed in no particular order.10 Tips to keep calm at work (from FM Life)…

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